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  • We have added overview videos to the main page and all Courses
  • We have rearranged some of the School Courses and Materials. We will be moving the materials from the old Learning course into the new three courses on the top row of courses.
  • Right below the video, there is a calendar of all the upcoming classes. This calendar uses Google Calendar and you can view by week or month.  If you wish to see where past calls have been placed, click month view and go back and click on that call.  By clicking on the event in the calendar, you will see a link to the connect page if the call is in the future or you will see a link to the replay page if the call is in the past.  
  • Join the School Facebook Group (this is for members only)  at:
  • If you have any questions or need help, contact us.
  • More to come…

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// Jun 16 = SECRETS OF THE SHIFT: added a new class // Jun 15 = SHAAR HAYICHUD – LEVEL ONE: new class uploaded // Jun 10 = LEARNING – ADVANCED SHAAR HAYICHUD: new classes uploaded // June 9 = TRANSFORMATION: added new class to Walls into Doorways // May 19 = Q & A ,COACHING AND SUPPORT: new call added to Q & A Archives // May 13= Overview videos added to each course and school page.

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