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A W A K E N I N G   D I V I N E   P O W E R

Experience Purpose, Peace and Co-Creative Power in Transformational Times!

Are you feeling lost or confused?

The new energies flooding our planet are causing cracks in the way we experience our world.  But it doesn’t have to be painful. There is another way.

We are in the process of awakening into a new Divine world, and you are here with a cosmic role to play. Change will happen for everyone. But in this transition phase, we will not all experience things the same way.

Some will feel anxious and confused, while others will watch these unfolding events with peace, anticipation and co-creative power.

Which journey will you choose?

Are you ready for a transformation that will take you beyond your current limitations and help you create the life you truly desire?

Awakening Divine Power is specifically designed for intelligent, talented, sensitive spiritual seekers who are looking to learn a new paradigm and a new way of being, and to start living with more purpose, peace and power in changing times.

In the Awakening Divine Power Program, you will experience the magic of profound spiritual teaching and guidance on your journey to a new Divine world.

Here’s some of what you will learn on your journey through Awakening Divine Power:

  • How to feel empowered and confident as you move past the barriers of the past
  • How to practice & master unique tools for healing and transformation
  • How to connect to the dimension of co-creation and miracles
  • How to align and flow with the cosmic plan for humanity
  • How to activate new perceptions and intuitive powers
  • How to start living in intimate partnership with God

And here’s some of what you’ll experience:

  • The magic of living on purpose, not just in the big things but every day
  • Being guided by a compelling vision that keeps calling out the next, bigger version of you
  • The joy of knowing how to transform your obstacles into new wisdom and power
  • The peace and clarity that comes from understanding the inside story of our times and how you can align and thrive through the waves of change
  • The excitement of transforming judgement and limiting beliefs into growth and new possibilities
  • The power of communicating with authenticity, clarity and truth
  • The ability to create a future that is not limited by the past!

The Awakening Divine Power Program Includes:

  • Four months of powerful training, practice and coaching modules.
  • Guidance from Shifra throughout your program journey
  • Three interactive training sessions per month with time for Q&A on the class material
  • Monthly bonus “practice” session to help you integrate and master the material on a deeper level
  • Bonus Matrix healing session
  • Proven tools and techniques for healing and transformation
  • Worksheets and handouts to help you absorb the class material
  • Visualizations and guided meditations
  • “Fairy Dust” – Personal ssignments and exercises to help you integrate what you learn into your life
  • Permanent downloadable recordings of all sessions


Don’t take our word for it, read what some of our past students have to say:

 “Using what I have learned in Shifra’s classes my life has changed in many ways- some physical, some emotional, some financial, and some so deep, profound and amazing that words can’t explain. My income has tripled and for the first time in my life I don’t worry about or struggle to get money and I have savings and investments set aside.  Spiritually, my mind has been opened and I experience the world and my life with curiosity and a sense of wonder. I feel as if I have found my place in the world. My mind and heart experience such ease I did not previously know was possible.”  Kathleen M.

“Shifra has a brilliant ability to listen, perceive and create opportunities for others to see their dreams and make them a reality. I endorse her coaching with all my heart.” – Menucha B.

“Shifra’s teachings on ancient wisdom have been one of the greatest gifts of my life. Her open-hearted grace and wisdom has expanded my mind and soul and I find myself constantly seeking more of her knowledge.” – Lisa M.

“For the first time in my life I feel the unconditional love of God.” Rina S.

“Shifra’s program has enabled me to shift to a lighter, higher vibration far faster and I am now clearly defined with my soul-purpose. The wonderful community of like-minded people is an additional bonus.” – Raisy G.

“I feel like a different person – happy, alive and free!” -Tara M.

“Shifra is an opening portal to DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – a divine treasure. I have seen an awesome effect on my life since participating in her program.” – Rosemary G.

“I am deeply grateful for the guidance and support provided by Shifra. It has been a privilege to learn from her and I look forward to continued growth and transformation.” – Ellen B.

“I have had major breakthroughs doing this beautiful work and I feel the effects day-by-day as it ripples out through the different levels… My soul-purpose is now clearly defined and I am living it each day.— Julia H.