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The Soul-Infused

Influencer Breakthrough Program

Learn to Live with purpose, passion and authentic Divine power, so that you can activate your bigger potential and shine your unique light into the world.

The Soul-Infused Influencer Breakthrough Program is a twelve-month group coaching/mentoring program designed to help you activate the light and purpose of your soul while you learn to navigate the waves of change with peace, passion and authentic Divine power.

Whether you’re seeking to make that leap in your personal life, business, purpose or making a difference for others, the Soul-Infused Influencer Breakthrough program is designed to help you step into your power and create the new future you’ve been waiting for.

Through a proven combination of transformational trainings, deep wisdom from mystical texts, cutting edge healing tools plus targeted coaching and support, you will gain the clarity, knowledge and power to create real, lasting breakthroughs in your most important life goals.

Throughout the year you will be guided and supported while breaking through the frustrations, beliefs and fears that have blocked your path forward for far too long.

HANDS-ON TRANSFORMATIONAL TRAININGS Learn How to Transform Your Challenges into Wisdom and Power and Start Living Your Purpose NOW!

These unique transformational trainings are one of the keystones of the Soul-Infused Influencer Breakthrough program. They are designed to rewire the way you perceive and respond to life.  With each training, you will take another step out of fear and reactivity and into more peace, passion and the power to make your true desires real. 

In these sessions you will learn exactly how to:

  • Live from your purpose and make your soul’s light shine.
  • Turn your challenges into new Divine connection and power. Break through long-standing fears, frustrations, old habits and limiting beliefs.
  • Master some of the most powerful tools of spiritual healing and co-creation. 
  • Create more intimate, empowered & authentic relationships
  • Experience the tangible light and presence of the Creator and  the the deeper potential of your own soul.
  • Gain clarity on what’s most important to you, and the tools, guidance and support to make it real in your life
  • Take inspired, empowered action on behalf of your most important life goals, no matter how stuck you may have been until now!

COACHING & MENTORING Break Through Your Challenges as We Mentor, Guide and Support You to Make Your Vision COME ALIVE!

This is where we focus on how to bring it all into YOUR life.

These live weekly support calls are one of the most important keys to the breakthroughs that you so deeply desire. On these calls you will have the opportunity not only to learn, but to apply what you learn to the goals and dreams that matter most to you… and that may have frustrated or eluded you until now.

One of the most incredible features of the group coaching format is the opportunity to be seen, understood and embraced for the amazing, courageous person that you are. On these calls you will have the opportunity to personally share your dreams and challenges… to celebrate what you’ve achieved… to get clarity and support for your next steps… and the guidance and accountability that can get you past the places where you’ve been stuck for too long.

Deep Dive Authentic Kabbalah Learning Activate a Divine Healing Connection from Above While Supercharging the Light of Your SOUL!

The sacred texts of mystical Torah (authentic Kabbalah and Chassidut) contain actual Divine light, power and presence. They contain not only information, but an actual transmission of new potential that is necessary for our awakening and empowerment in these times. All of our work in Influencers is imbued with this light, giving you access to Divine wisdom and power that is not available anywhere else.

DIVINE MATRIX HEALINGS Experience a portal to a new reality!

These unique prayer/healing sessions are part of your membership, and are custom created each month to match the energies, goals and challenges of the group. Matrix sessions will give you that higher dimensional spiritual and energetic support that is often needed to supercharge the transformation process… and have often been a catalyst for higher consciousness, healing and miracles.

CONNECT TO THE MORPHIC FIELD OF REDEMPTION Instantaneously expand the boundaries of what’s possible in your world

Morphic fields are dimensions of reality that, like gravitational fields, carry their own laws of cause and effect. Morphic fields are also interactive, meaning that the more that people connect to a particular field, the more powerful its effects will grow.

In this program we will be actively disconnecting from the old fields, and connecting to the Divine field of geula and miracles… and simply through being a part of it, you will notice that some things are just easier… or even miraculous.

THE SOUL-INFUSED INFLUENCERS COMMUNITY Experience the magic of connecting with your tribe!

There is no replacement for being a valued member of a like-minded soul-tribe. When you are connected with people who think like you think, want what you want, and who are eager to support you, it can truly change your life.  

As spiritual seekers, many of us are more sensitive than the norm. Often, we see and feel things more acutely… have more intuition and inner vision… are more aware of our potential and the frustration of what we have not yet been able to achieve. In a confused and distracted world, sometimes that sensitivity translates to not quite fitting in.

Well, not anymore.

Welcome to your tribe. As a member of the Soul-Infused Influencer community you will feel cherished and understood… you will be able to connect, collaborate and share with creative, talented, open-hearted spiritual people who are like you and who truly get you, every single day.

How Long are you Willing to Wait to Live Your Purpose and Release Your Soul Power?


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