I’ve always been an emotional person, and the disconcerting thing has been that my emotions have a tendency to swing in dramatic ways.

As I move forward in my inner geula work, there is far more joy and the joy is far brighter and more sparkling, filled with amazement and gratitude much of the time. I haven’t felt this bright in many years.

 Overall, I am so excited about life in these times, and so passionate about sharing what I see and feel…

But there are other emotions that come up too. This past week, after teaching a very deep class on authentic Kabbalah, miracles and healing to a group of very powerful women, I was shocked to experience an unexpected sense of profound sadness, loneliness and overwhelm. At first I tried to analyze it, to find someone to help me fix it, but after that didn’t work out I realized that I had to go in… meaning, to allow myself to feel these feelings without judgement, with compassion and curiosity… and most important, with an awareness that “G-d is in it with me.” In fact, I felt as if some force was pulling me deeper and deeper into my own being, and the experience of “inwardness”  was so intense that after a few hours I could hardly speak.

 But the next day I felt an incredible lightness, upliftment and joy.

This is metamorphosis, when the very same entity (or emotion) melts back into its core and emerges in a new, uplifted and expanded way.

 Metamorphosis is what’s required now, and guess what? It’s happening, as our once-predictable world is shaken from Above. The waves of change are rolling in, and if we want to avoid being drowned, we must change too.

But that doesn’t have to be bad news. If you know what’s happening and embrace it, the change and chaos of today is a very exciting thing.

 For most of us, there are two things that tend to get in the way.

First, most people don’t really understand what’s happening.

And second, it’s the nature of the ego to resist change.

 The powerful flow of metamorphosis is deeply pleasurable for your soul. But the powerful drive of your ego is to make certain that nothing will ever truly threaten the status quo.

This gap between two levels of your being may be generating symptoms – emotional, physical or circumstantial – that you are finding hard to deal with right now.

So here’s the question that matters: Are you willing to say yes to the chaotic unfolding of the new? Or are you still saying no?

 The chaotic events of today are designed to catalyze you into your higher self, a deeper, more connected awareness, and the world of geula and God revealed.

 But how you experience these events… whether as amazing, exciting, Divine, or as confusing, terrifying and man-made… depends upon which part of yourself you empower.

 Here’s the bottom line. We are in the times of Geula, where we will experience the merging of heaven and earth, the revelation of the Creator within creation, and the infinite love and purpose that is behind it all. But there are many prophetic paths through which this can unfold.

These are possibilities. The path is still entirely open to change.

What manifests will depend to a large degree on your metamorphosis… how authentically you align with the Divine plan and the vision and purpose of your soul.

 The caterpillar has no say in its metamorphosis; it just happens. We humans, however, are gifted with free choice and created in the image of God. Instinct will not get you to the high road in these times. Consciousness, and conscious choice WILL.

 You have within you an infinite spark of the Divine, of geula. And as you allow the metamorphosis to shake and rearrange the way you knew things to be, that incredible spark is what is waiting to emerge.

 I’ve just created a short video that will explain more…

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Love and blessings!