Once upon a time, some ten  years or so ago, I had an energy healing session with a very powerful woman. I slipped into a deep place, where I had a clear and tangible vision of all of humanity trapped together inside of an enormous snowglobe, literally tangled around one another like creatures in medieval paintings of hell.  

In one macro moment I saw and felt all of the endless fighting, striving, suffering, struggling, hurting and hiding that human beings seem to have no choice but to endure. 

Philosophers, sages and authors throughout the ages have named this closed, painful, constricting dysfunctional experience the human condition

 But does it actually have to be that way??

I saw and felt the dysfunction… the unconsciousness… the pain… but I saw it as if I was hovering above the snow globe, rather than being inside. An inner voice said to me: “If only we knew it and wanted to, we could all just step out of the whole thing.”

 At that moment, still deep within the healing session, the possibility of actual freedom felt so obvious that it seemed bizarre and ridiculous that we were all still squirming and struggling against one another inside that tiny, limited sphere. At that moment I had the awareness of a new possibility so clear and powerful that the whole thing seemed like some kind of really bad joke. The question continued to run through my mind: “Why are we continuing to live in this nightmare when right on the other side the skies are infinite, loving, clear and free?”

 Sounds awesome, right? The only problem was, once the session was over I could remember the experience, but I could no longer see any way out.

 My experience was intense, but not unique. Sometimes we are lifted up into a vision of a reality that we’re not yet ready for. It’s a part of the blueprint for our ultimate awakening and geula, and it serves a profound purpose here and now.

 In kabbalistic terms, the vision that I experienced so compellingly was a light that was still too big for its vessels.

 When you are shown such a light, in so tangible a way, a new door is beginning to open… even if it takes a long time to open all the way. It’s not the end of the story, but it’s the beginning of something new. You are being pointed toward a portal that you are meant – destined – to walk through, in time.

 When? When the vessels are mature.

 We all seek light. But Kabbalah explains that, not matter how imminent and strong the light, until we have the vessels to not only perceive it, but to hold it… manifest it… ground it, it might as well be dark. In fact, in an analogy I use often, if you send too much electricity into a low-wattage bulb, the bulb will break.

That’s why, when it comes to deep transformation, even God goes slow.

 Making and maturing vessels is really the core of our mission here on earth. Vessels have to be made from within. Only then can we receive the most miraculous light in a healthy, harmonious way. Only then can we experience Divinity not only from beyond us, but from the inside out. Only then can we truly fulfill our destiny as partners in co-creating a truly Divine world.

 The vessels we make and expand are our primary contribution to Creation. And as geula approaches with increasing intensity and speed, the quality of your vessels will determine how you experience the light.

 And that explains what’s happening in our world right now.

 As the Divine light of divine consciousness and awakening – geula –  flows into our world with more intensity and power, the vessels that are not able to contain it – or expand to receive it – are breaking down. This can be confusing and disturbing, unless you truly understand that this breakdown of the old is simply the opening of a path for the new. The deeper secret is that the new vessels are actually made out of the raw material released as the old melt down. In an astonishing but very real way, the deepest light and potential emerges in exactly this way.

 The chaos will continue to increase. But that is only a problem if you’re clinging to the old. As breakdown, change and chaos continue to accelerate, cracks … new portals into deeper, more miraculous dimensions of awareness and co-creative possibility… are opening up — not only in the snow globe as a whole, but in your individual vessels too.

 Exactly how this process works on a personal level is for another time – and btw, is just one of the many life-changing pieces of the training I’ll be offering in my upcoming program, Light Out of Darkness: Purpose and Miracles in Chaotic Times.


But for now, if you want to find out more, watch my two latest short videos about breaking free of the snow globe at the links below.






Love and blessings,