1-1 Mentoring w/Shifra

We all hit bottlenecks on our path to create something important and new.

Sometimes it shows up as indecision, fear or overwhelm. Sometimes as toxic beliefs about yourself, life, or success that shut you down.

Although painful and frustrating, these are designed from Above to help give you access to new insights, new solutions, new behaviors and deeper co-creative power.

That’s where 1-1 strategic mentoring can help. Mentoring, when you need it, is an investment in yourself, your purpose, and your dreams. It can give you the clarity, guidance, support and extra power to help you break through your challenges with FAR more speed and ease… and come out expanded and empowered on the other side.

FREE 30 Min Consultation
with Shira Concierge

70-minute Breakthrough Strategy Session – $750

In this session, we will focus on creating a significant breakthrough around someplace you’re stuck or held back. The session with include focus, clarity, strategy, and customized matrix healing to help you take a giant step forward while connecting more deeply to your soul’s purpose and desires.

VIP Mini-Program plus 30 days of support – $5000

The VIP day is for someone who is ready to get the help to move past persistent barriers into the next stage in business or life. This customized mini-program will include transformational work and healing, focus and anchoring into your vision or goal, and clarity on the strategy and action plan to make it real, starting now.

  • full day of 1-1 sessions with Shifra, including matrix healing, transformational exercises and a personalized path forward to take you to the next stage in your business or life
  • 30 days of as-needed email support, to answer your questions, keep you accountable and help you along the way
  • 60 minute wrap up call at the end of the 30 days

Concierge Elite Access Mentoring for Leaders

This is the highest level of mentorship and support that Shifra currently offers.  It is designed for successful, purpose-based leaders who want to take their spiritual connection, self-knowledge, purpose and soul-empowerment to the next level.

Concierge Elite Access includes, on an as-needed, as-desired basis:

Spiritual learning and training, Spiritual counsel, breakthrough coaching, vision work and strategy, feedback and support.

This investment for this service is $60,000 for one year.