Authentic Kabbalah

The Blueprint for Creation

Kabbalah is the Divine Blueprint for Creation

Just as a house is built, in precise detail, according to its blueprint, Divine Consciousness is ongoingly creating the world and all of its details according to a precise plan.

Everything that exists on the physical plane flows from this plan, its spiritual source. In fact, the Divine Blueprint for Creation, the Torah, and it’s deepest level, Authentic Kabbalah actually predates the existence of the world.

The powerful underlying spiritual principles of Creation guide and control everything, from the cycles of the planets and constellations, to the weather, to the trends of history, to the precise and specific details of the life of each and every human being.

It goes without saying that the more you understand these principles, the more you will understand about your own nature how best to fulfill your Divine purpose on earth.

Learning Authentic Kabbalah will give you insights into your own soul, and the power to use those insights to make an incalculable difference in your own life and the lives of others. It will give you wisdom and consciousness to deeply understand the purpose of creation, and powerfully support you in experiencing a growing intimacy with your Creator.

With the rising popularity of Kabbalah, especially among celebrities, an essential misconception has taken root. This misconception is that, because Kabbalah predates organized religion, it is either a religion in its own right, or a spiritual system devoid of any religious association.

Nothing could be further from the truth! It is true that for the very first time in history the teachings of Kabbalah are accessible to everyone, regardless of background or affiliation.

But Authentic Kabbalah is Jewish mysticism, the wisdom of the Creator transmitted through Moses on behalf of all humanity at Mount Sinai millennia ago. It is being revealed at this time to facilitate the Awakening of humanity and the rebirth of our world.

We are participating in the very climax of history. We are beginning to learn how to ‘see through the walls’ that appear to separate the physical world from its Source as we move closer and closer to a Divinely Illuminated world. That is why Kabbalah has now been made accessible to anyone. If you sincerely wish to reach your highest potential as a human being created in the image of God, the path of Authentic Kabbalah is open to you.

Darkness and Light

According to Kabbalah, everything in the world is made up of two parts – that which we see and know, and that which we can’t see and don’t yet know. The concealed part – the spiritual source, essence and purpose behind every detail of creation – far exceeds the revealed.

In our world, what we can’t see is perceived as darkness, and what we can see as light.

Paradoxically, anything we can see is by definition concealing its own essence. Essence is indescribable, unbounded and infinite. Whatever can be seen with the eyes or understood with the mind is limited, separate and has a specific form. By relating to the known as if it is the whole picture, we disconnect it – at least in our perception – from its infinite source. But, like the hand within the puppet, this essence is not only present but is the activating and guiding force within everything that can be seen and experienced in this world.

So in a sense, the light, by concealing the infinity beneath it, is actually darkness, and the darkness, which is too vast to be perceived, is actually light.

This same truth is reflected in each of us. Concealed within what we experience as the self – our limited personality and identity – there is a self far vaster, more powerful and more true. The fact that we exist and act on this earthly stage points to our truer self – the hand within the puppet. The fact that we experience ourselves as defined and limited conceals it.

The ultimate perfection and fulfillment of the world lies in bringing this vast hidden light out of the darkness of concealment, thus illuminating creation with the radiance of its own essence.

In the same way, our own ultimate fulfillment as human beings lies in revealing our own inner light – the power and potential of our concealed essence – thus creating a life illuminated with the light of our truer self.

This is Divine Awakening. And this is the purpose of Kabbalah.


Becoming a Luminary

Becoming a Luminary is a ten-part series rich in deep secrets of Divine consciousness and Awakening that will that will change your perspective on life forever! Please enjoy this series, share it with your friends, and use the light, vibration and information to help illuminate your life and world.

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