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What people say about Gate Of Unity

  • Sitting here moved to tears after today’s call…I so appreciate how you openly share and love how you stand so openly and unashamedly and courageously for this Truth…you touch my heart and soul and I want to say how grateful I am for all that you are and all that you do.

  • Dear Shifra, I just finished listening to the replay of the “Guided Tour” Kabbalah class for Monday. You are a great teacher! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. As I listen to you speak and explain the meanings of so many spiritual ideas I’ve never heard before, my heart feels full, ready to burst, as if it is telling me I’m hearing something incredibly important to me and that I need to pay attention!

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  • I’ve been blessed by the energy surrounding coming into your teaching of Kabbalah. I have been so comforted by the teachings you have given. After so many years of struggling and feeling subjectively defeated and exhausted, I can now imagine a life in which I could be a blessing and a helper to people!

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  • Shifra, Thank you. You are one amazing Angel. I really appreciate your honesty & authenticity in this Matrix talk. I experienced it as one of the most powerful that I have heard to date…

  • Dear Shifra, Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for this class. What a beautiful mystery this is. I am not Jewish yet your words, English AND otherwise, are like the echo of a song my soul once sang with ease. I can’t think of any other way to express this.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for the Matrix call. I’ve listened to it twice now, and am planning to listen to it again. Seldom has a recording touched my heart like this one. So many rich images, so much eternal wisdom. I’m forwarding this on to a long list of people. We need more of Shifra! Please plan on presenting more of this valuable experience. Blessings on you and your mission.