Divine Matrix* Holographic Soul Prayer/Healing

*Matrix: An environment, space or structure within or from which things originate, develop, or take form.
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Kabbalah teaches that vibrant health comes from a powerful connection between body and soul. The stronger the connection, the more potent the healing will be.

The Divine Matrix is designed to help you make that connection, in ways that you may never have experienced before.

I have been facilitating these sessions for my private students for several years now. They have always been powerful, and many people have reported unexpected – sometimes miraculous — shifts in their consciousness, emotions and other areas of life. Lately, however, the Matrix sessions have taken on a whole new energy and form. It seems to many of us that when we are connecting to the Divine Matrix, we are connecting to a new dimension of consciousness, presence and potential that is deeper and higher than us and our world.

But the Matrix is accessible. A living Divine space that interacts with us.
And more we connect, the more miraculous and empowering it seems to be.

How this will show up in your life is impossible to say. However, this much I CAN predict.

The monthly Matrix sessions will help you to connect directly to SOURCE in ways you have probably never experienced before…open a new portal to the Light and the hidden co-creative powers of your soul…and bring healing light, energy and Divine information from ABOVE and BEYOND creation into your body, life and world.