“Everything will turn out good in the end, and if it’s not good, then it’s not yet the end.”

Tonight at sunset the world enters into a sacred space that the Jewish people know as Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. In actual fact for these 25 hours we are invited to enter a level of supreme holiness; a kind of cosmic amnesty in which the slate is cleaned, all of the mistakes and separations of the past are erased and you can take your first step into a new unencumbered future if you choose.

On Yom Kippur many wear white. On this day, just one time per year, we are lifted collectively and individually above our past and given the opportunity to “whiten” and purify the toxic residue of the pain, disappointments and regrets that we have picked up throughout the year and even throughout our lives. With true consciousness and connection to the Creator and our own now-awakening core, we can begin anew to think, speak and act as who we truly are. This is the true space of oneness from which we are able to connect with both self and other on the level of soul.

 As the world moves deeper into this cosmic birth process I want to wish you a “g’mar chatima tova” – a good ‘final sealing’ in the Divine Book of Life for a year of miracles and transformation, filled with abundant sweetness and awesome revealed good.

For a very long time now I’ve been feeling a kind of constriction of speech, as if there are too many held back words that need to flow out of me into the world at this cosmically critical time.  This blog is the, hopefully, the opening for those words.  If you know anything about blogs you know that this isn’t actually a real one, but it will be soon, and I apologise for the unstructured format for now. I’m still working on my new website and all that it will contain. But events are moving way too fast to wait for that. I want to start now to say some of the things that are longing to be said.

On this new blog I’ll be sharing information and insights about awakening, healing, prophecy, empowerment, Israel, war and peace and what I will call truths from the mystical secrets of Torah and Authentic Kabbalah… truths that are powerful and transformational enough to help guide you safely through the cosmic birth pangs of our times and into new dimensions of being that are far deeper and more real.

My intention is to be a bridge between this Divine wisdom and your personal consciousness, between need to rely deeply upon God above and our power to create awesome miracles from below.

The great sage Rabbi Levi Yitzchak of Berditchev said: “The God you don’t believe in, I don’t believe in either.”

Kabbalah tells us that God is above all names and descriptions. But if we were to pick just one, it would be that God is Truth. That’s because Truth is the core essence of what is, and the core essence of what is, is God.

God is not dogma. God is not ritual. God is not judgement. But God is also not an infinite and laissez faire universe-sized genie in a bottle for whom our every wish is his command.

Awakening is the path toward Truth, and on that path we need to rise above our ego’s perspectives and all descriptions and stories, both positive and negative, about God, Universe, others and ourselves. We need to be willing to stand in the heart of the paradox that life truly is, and to make our best, most aligned and responsible choices from there. We need to understand that that the path into the light isn’t always light, and that to go up it is sometimes necessary to go down. Real awakening requires being open and present to the infinite unfolding unknown and allowing for the deep fluid vulnerability that is part of real quantum change.

We are on a journey together with the Creator, and it is a journey in toward our essence and the heart of the world. It will take us through places that are hidden, that are deeper and sometimes darker and more mysterious than anything we already know. Kabbalah tells us that the most radiant light is hidden in the darkness, and when we are willing to delve deep enough that light will be revealed.

I believe that it is time now for each of us to embrace our own unique purpose, and live it knowing that it is an essential piece of the vast cosmic plan. This is a joyful, but awesome and serious responsibility in a world which is in the throes of metamorphosis… and “dark” and “serious” are places I sense many people, even in the consciousness movement, just don’t want to go. Am I wrong on this? I hope I am, but that’s how it looks to me.

Maybe it’s because there has been so much narrow-mindedness and judgment held in the field of what I’m calling “religion” that many people aren’t comfortable with an infinite Creator who also has genuine preferences about what we do and a cosmic plan for our evolution that is bigger than what we know. It’s a big responsibility to live as if what we do really matters, that there is good and there is evil and that we have to be able to see the difference in order to truly choose.

We all respond to life, its opportunities and its pressures in different ways. I see many people feeling crushed under the pressure of our current reality, and just as many ignoring or denying it, or attempting to float above it altogether, as if the journey into Oneness ends with giggling and good vibes.

Please don’t misunderstand me. Happiness and self-love are awesomely liberating, and a universe above feeling helpless, victimized, undeserving and disempowered. But it’s a stepping stone toward and a by-product of a true connection to what is above, not the end goal.

That’s why a bridge is so important. The gap between “religious” and “spiritual” needs to be healed. There are many “believers” who live with deep purpose and commitment, but hold toxic judgments of themselves and others. On the other side, there are many spiritual people in the consciousness movement who are convinced that being “One with God” means ignoring the very real and pressing challenges of our times because hey, we’re already Divine so it’s all cool now. Or that as enlightened beings we must let go of all judgment and embrace a certain moral fuzziness about our lives and our world, because if God is infinite and everything is One then everything goes.

That’s why I so passionately desire to speak out, and through my speaking build a bridge between God and consciousness, divinity and Divinity, the one and the One. And there is no question in my mind that the time is now.

Kabbalah says that between any two radically different “somethings” there has to be a “nothing” in between. A seed must disintegrate to become a tree. A caterpillar must melt into gel to become a butterfly. A human must accept that he is limited in order to be a channel for a more unlimited light. This space of metamorphosis can be deeply challenging at first, because the ego resists change and because as beings in vulnerable bodies we are naturally afraid.

We can’t skip the meltdown…but it truly doesn’t have to be so hard. It’s possible to open so consciously and authentically to Truth that the cloudy, distorting lens of human consciousness is softer and can much more easily shift and change. This is the path of miracles and joy, a joy that does not deny the darkness but helps to make it shine.

At this deep level we are “whitened” and the beliefs and fears that separate us are no longer in the way. From this plane of authenticity, if even a few of us go deep enough down the road less traveled it may be enough to turn everything around. At least, that’s what the Lubavitcher Rebbe says, and that’s what I believe.

Morning is dawning and we will all have to wake up soon. We’re deep into the timeline already. We’ve passed the point where we can wake up at the sound of a whisper or the touch of a feather. But we can wake up right now to the beat of the drums and never need the beat of the hammer to come.

Like you, I don’t see the path clearly with my still human eyes…even though our souls are communicating with us at much deeper levels than before. But we can connect with the words and clear vision of those who do see, with the sages and prophets who are were created to guide our way. Together we can look deep into their words to find and integrate their transformational light and power.

When Moses spoke to God in a burning bush he surrendered to his Divine mission. He went to Egypt and walked straight into the heart of Pharaoh’s inner chamber… and in front of Pharaoh and all his sorcerers he said “God has sent me saying ‘Let my people go.’”

Despite this incredible chutzpah, Torah says that Moses was the most humble person who ever lived. Humility is does not mean to be lowly, meek or suppressed. It is a mystical state of being that makes of you a miraculously empowered channel for the Divine.  Moses was present at all times to his Source, and being rooted Above he was supernaturally empowered below. His humility gave him access to a flow of wisdom, power, Divinity, leadership and liberation that no other human being as ever yet had.

Today we have no living Moses to lead us. But that is a temporary thing. Kabbalah tells us that we each have a spark of the archetypal Moses at the core of our being that only needs to be awakened for the miracles to begin. The spirit of Moses, connector of Heaven and Earth, is the innermost spiritual resonance of our being and the most crucial and foundational call of our times. It is also what I most passionately want my work to facilitate and support.

If you have taken the time to read this really long first blog post, and if you resonate in any way with what I’ve said, I am asking for your help and support, feedback and partnership so that I (and you, if you want) can be a bridge in a way that helps to wake up the Moses within us all.

Once again, G’mar Chatima Tova, and may our world experience a whitening that will erase and transmute all the pain and regrets of our individual and collective past, both in this life and the many that came before, and may we find ourselves in a new and wondrous Divine world.